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Rash Due To Dry Skin

One more reason for the rash that comes and goes could be dry skin. A dry skin is commonly seen in adults. Dry skin is prone to a rash, as it is easily irritated when dry and cold. A dry skin rash makes the skin extremely inflamed and itchy. This inflammation and itchiness may result in other skin conditions, like swelling, crusting, scaling, weeping and redness.

Treating rash caused due to dry skin:

The most important and easiest way to treat a dry skin is keeping it hydrated. You should take at least 8 glasses of purified water daily. Taking water consistently helps your skin in retaining moisture and remains hydrated. Consequently, your skin becomes less prone to rashes and itchiness. One more easy way to treat a dry skin rash that comes and goes is to avoid harsh chemicals or irritants. You need to put on protective gloves while cleaning and also avoid chlorine pools. Make use of gentle cleansers and moisturizes while bathing and also avoid chemical and additives after bath. One more remedy could be an oatmeal bath that is also effective in treating rashes that comes and goes due to dry skin. This is because oatmeal has excellent curative properties.


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